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Want Faster Data In/Out of China?

I’m currently working with a global leader who have a “software only” solution which can make data transfers over the public internet much faster and more secure. Current tests from Shanghai to APAC public cloud, pre software speed, 1.29Mbps post software, 10.32Mbps...

Thinking of SD-WAN

How do you know which SD-WAN provider is best for your business? There are numerous providers each with their own offering. Can you differentiate between CATO, Aryaka, Masery, Talari to name just a few? There is no doubt SD-WAN can really help a business, a few of the...

SD-WAN and Masergy

Not all SD-WAN offerings are the same, as part of our SD-WAN series we are looking at Masergy. Where are they strong and where are they less so? Their own network was built as a software defined platform from the very start 20 years ago so they are well established....

Fast Cars and Secure IT: Their Common Ground

Jack and I were talking about the fast-moving and often-complex world of keeping customer data safe. Many professionals have historically viewed security as a money pit that adds nothing to the bottom line, but lately Jack has seen a different paradigm emerging. “What...

CISOs Dealing with Nation State Attacks and More

Ken Presti, Research & Analytics 10/29/19 With all the media coverage around foreign governments and various types of state actors conducting cyber operations against other governments and corporations, you may be thinking that your company is in the clear and has...

Are You a Technology Decision Maker?

When business make big procurement decisions, there’s an awful lot of pressure on the internal decision makers. They are expected to have a comprehensive knowledge of every product and provider available. Which is pretty much impossible. So decisions are often made on...