Frequently Asked Questions

Do Kaizen Advisory charge for the service?

No, the provided shortlist is complimentary. If at any stage in the future, you decided to use one of the recommended suppliers. Kaizen Advisory would receive a residual commission from them directly, which has no impact on your commercials. They would rather pay us a small fee than run an expensive sales team!

How can you be truly independent if you receive a commission?

When you receive your bespoke supplier shortlist from Kaizen Advisory it has been created by a Team of Solutions Architects who have no commercial view or interest. They only put forward what they consider to be the best fit based on your provided information and knowledge from hundreds of global deployments. The shortlist may have 3, 4 or more supplier options and only you can decide who if any to proceed with. We can support you at any stage of the buying process, our level of engagement is up to you. As an example, some companies like us to sit with them during the initial supplier presentations to help ask some of the more probing questions. Often, it’s just joining a conference call or feeding back on a provided proposal. Alternatively, we can introduce you and leave you to it.

Do we contract with Kaizen Advisory?

No – One you have your shortlist, if you then want to discuss further with the Suppliers, we will put you in touch with our contacts directly or set up an introductory call for you to start the discussions. If you then decided to move forward with one of the suppliers, you would sign contracts with them directly.

What does a typical Shortlist look like?

Please click on the below to see an anonymous example of a CCaaS shortlist report. The good news is our Solutions Architects will often ask follow up questions for you to consider, which can prove to be invaluable.

Sample CCaaS shortlist report here

Are you a Global business?

Kaizen Advisory can provide a supplier shortlist wherever you are based in the world. The only limitation will be the presence of the suppliers in your geography. We would of course advise accordingly.